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Chemical consultancy

The consulting company SpecChem is a professional chemical consultancy. Our consultancy is concerned with the use and marketing of various chemical mixtures. Accordingly, we classify them in terms of their safety. We draw up safety data sheets and detailed exposure scenarios. We guarantee you specialised consultancy and, if necessary, we also act as an intermediary in the case of registration of biocidal products, medical devices or cosmetics. Above all, our strength is our qualified staff. Our employees not only have detailed knowledge of the subject matter, but above all professional experience, which has been gained both nationally and internationally.

As the rate at which new chemical substances and mixtures are introduced and the range of their applications expanded, the legislation covering this area of human activity changes frequently. Undoubtedly, a sensible step in such a situation is to work with a specialist consultancy. A company that offers professional chemical consultancy. Knowledge of the latest regulations enables long-term and effective action to be taken to address the full range of safety issues on the basis of properly drafted technical documentation. In addition, the need to keep abreast of any changes in legislation. As a result, the interpretation of the regulations contained therein may cause some difficulties.

Professional chemical consultancy - SpecChem

We offer professional chemical advice. In the implementation and interpretation of the provisions of current legislation on:

  • chemical substances and mixtures;
  • cosmetics;
  • medical devices;
  • biocidal products;

As part of this service, we assist in all matters relating to the supervisory authorities overseeing the marketing of the chemical products in question. (Sanitary Inspectorate, Trade Inspection). If you take advantage of our offer, it is noteworthy that the scope of our cooperation includes:

  • drafting of full documentation;
  • any opinions;
  • applications;
  • letters;
  • possible appeals;

In addition, we offer specialised consulting on chemical properties and product safety. An important aspect is the possibility of including a 24-hour information and emergency number on the product data sheet. The number operates under a subscription contract.