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If you are in need of professional chemical consultancy, which we provide, you will certainly be interested in our offer. As part of our cooperation, we provide support in launching chemical products on the domestic and foreign markets, creating the required documentation and registering chemical products in various countries according to their requirements.

We are undoubtedly distinguished by our high competence, low prices and fast turnaround times for projects.

You are cordially invited to cooperate.

Krzysztof Kapczyński


Our activities


PCN - Poison centres

Preparation and reporting of chemical mixtures to PCN poison centres, in accordance with the new European Union regulation, with a view to collecting and standardising information on chemicals placed on the market in EU countries.

Produkt podczas tworzenia karty charakterystyki.

Safety data sheets

We prepare msds of preparations / hazardous substances describing the hazards that the chemical substances in question may cause. The documentation we produce is intended to inform about possible dangers, prevention and description of procedures in the event of preparation contamination.

Doradztwo chemiczne prowadzone w biurze.

Chemical consultancy

We offer ongoing chemical consultancy primarily in the implementation of the provisions of the applicable legislation on chemical substances and mixtures, biocides, medical devices and cosmetics. In this connection, we prepare documentation, applications and letters for you also to regulatory authorities.

Mieszaniny chemiczne w fiolkach CLP

Chemical mixtures

We compile full documentation on chemical mixtures (formerly chemical preparations). Noteworthy are the classifications of mixtures we carry out in accordance with current legislation, we draw up safety data sheets, prepare technical information (technical leaflets, technical sheets) and the content of the individual packaging label.

Detergent chemiczny w użyciu.

Registration of cosmetics

Within the scope of the mandate, we register cosmetics for you in the CPNP cosmetic product notification portal. We draft cosmetic product safety reports and how to label cosmetic packaging. Undoubtedly, our advice on the requirements necessary for the registration of cosmetics is worthwhile.

Zarejestrowane suplementy diety na półce

Dietary supplements

We offer support in the registration of dietary supplements to the GIS (Chief Sanitary Inspectorate) through analysis, completion of documentation and required laboratory tests. SpecChem also creates labels in accordance with curren

Produkt biobójczy w użyciu poprzez pracownika w pełnym kombinezonie.

Biocidal products

In view of the great interest in biocidal products, our offer to act as intermediary in the framework of a registration mandate according to national and European procedure is even more remarkable. We therefore draw up a complete dossier ready for submission to the Registration Office. We supervise the entire process of biocidal product registration.

Zestaw wyrobów medycznych.

Medical devices

We act as an intermediary, under a power of attorney, in the registration of medical devices. We prepare the documentation necessary for submission to the Office for Registration of Medicinal Products, Medical Devices and Biocidal Products. Due to our specialisation, we assist in obtaining the CE conformity certificate from the relevant notified body.

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SpecChem, is a competitive company in the chemical consultancy market therefore our main goal is to provide quality consultancy from which we derive satisfaction.
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    This is why customers choose us

    Undoubtedly, one of our strengths is supporting customers at every stage of production and registration, we create the specialised documentation needed for product registration and implementation.

    We understand the expectations of our clients and, as a result, we are fully committed and professional in every project. By working with us, you will undoubtedly receive reliable and solid support.


    Words from customers

    • Mr Krzysztof Kapczynski is an uncompromising professional in his field, in our opinion, highly qualified, responsible, treating his work very reliably, keeping his documentation up to date with the requirements of changing legislation, which ensures our safe functioning on the market. Mr Christopher’s knowledge of English, which he uses freely during visits to our foreign contractors, conducting correspondence, making arrangements, are very, very helpful to us….

      Krzysztof J. Król
      President of the Management Board
    • POLOR Sp. z o. o. cooperates with Specchem in the area of marketing various chemical mixtures and their classification from the safety point of view, preparation and updating of product documentation and agency in the case of registration of biocidal products and medical devices. Specchem company fulfils concluded agreements in a proper way, that is why we recommend cooperation to everyone who cares about professional, conscientious and punctual service.

      Piotr Soboń
      Product Manager - POLOR Sp. z o. o.